What questions should I be asking myself every day?

Great question! I found this article on CNN.com while taking a break from a task I really don’t want to be doing, but that is necessary – fixing my washing machine. Once I finished toweling up the water that had poured onto the floor AFTER I thought the job was done, I decided a short breather was critical for the maintenance of my sanity. Otherwise, I would begin repairing the washer with a Louisville Slugger.

The article, originally posted on Oprah.com by Martha Beck, is written to women from a woman’s perspective (as if men don’t need to change our lives too). But these inquisitions aren’t feminine, and are just as meaningful to the manliest of men.

Like number two: Is this what I want to be doing? If you mean working on the washer, absolutely not. But I refuse to call the repair guy again and watch him spend ten minutes installing a $4 part only to hand me a bill for $120.

Or number fifteen: Where could I work less and achieve more? Okay. Maybe I could get more done by letting a professional handle the washer, and I could spend my time doing more important things. Maybe, but I’m too stubborn, and the sense of accomplishment I will gain from slaying the dragon in my laundry room is worth it. That is, unless the dragon slays me first.

Click HERE to read the whole list. These really are questions that could change our lives if we ask them of ourselves each day. They may not change your current situation, but if asked sincerely, they will give you a different point of view.

As for me, break’s over. I’m going back to attack the water-spewing demon in my laundry room with a whole new attitude. Namaste.

CNN.com: 20 Questions That Could Change Your Life