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The Music of Nadir Omowale

  1. Run Nadir Omowale 3:54
  2. A Hustler (In Spite Of Myself) Nadir Omowale 5:25
  3. Blue Lights Nadir Omowale 4:09
  4. 95 Miles Down The Road (Radio Edit) Nadir Omowale & Mayaeni 3:34
  5. Slave Nadir 4:25
  6. Go It Alone Nadir Omowale 2:55
  7. How Cool Is That Nadir Omowale 3:08
  8. Life In the FastLane (Live at The Buzz Bar) Nadir Omowale 5:19
  9. Leave It Alone Nadir Omowale 4:34
  10. Sign Your Name Nadir & DJ Butterface 4:16
  11. Guantanamo Nadir Omowale 5:35
  12. Sanctified Nadir Omowale 6:11
  13. Queen of Sheba Nadir Omowale 4:36

Artist, Producer, Consultant and Creative Strategist Nadir Omowale has reached something akin to a crescendo moment, on the symphonic journey of his musical career…He has become a critical favorite in the world of funk rock, due to the insightful lyrics and blazing musicology of his past few recordings. Through his social justice activism and advocacy, he is viewed as a clear voice for reason and a community leader. He is held in great regard as an insightful music producer, as an inspired music curator as co-founder of events such as the Michigan State Fair All-Star Mega Jam, and as a compassionate and dedicated mentor of budding musicians and songwriters, in his role as coach and co-creator of the Michigan State Fair Superstar contest, since it’s inception in 2014. At the same time, Nadir wields global influence in his role as international marketing director and creative consultant for Asian music technology manufacturer Icon Pro Audio.

So, what then is the next, natural evolution, from this moment of multi-faceted career satisfaction? MORE FUNK, MORE FUN, MORE TRUTH, MORE JUSTICE, MORE JOY….More of EVERYTHING, Please!!

He came here this way: Miss Betty’s baby boy raised in Tennessee, steeped in service and rooted, always rooted, in the rhythm. Born Kurtis William McFarland, long been Jonah Nadir Omowale – a Yoruba name declaring, “a beloved child has returned.”

But, truth is, he never left. Never strayed from this calling to blend funk with soul, rock with revolution, jazz with justice and declare it all music. He calls it his calling. To make sounds potent enough to twist your hips and your politics into a tangled, feel-good, think-deep, speak-up, get-down melody.

Three full-length solo albums, a wall full of awards and countless accolades later, he says he’s the same cat, the same man most at home with a guitar in his hands and lyrics upon his lips. But today, more than ever, he is the flame that brings the heat, the beat that builds the band, the producer, the writer, the teacher who helps other artists rise and share their shine.

Jonah Nadir Omowale. A beloved child has returned. But, truth is, he never left.

An eighteen-time Detroit Music Award winner and patriotic citizen of planet earth, Nadir Omowale is always tuned into the global conversation of politics, culture and change. His music reaches across genres and political aisles – sometimes with a gentle, outstretched hand, and occasionally with a clenched fist  – always challenging listeners with a funk inspired, Motor City sound that is as relevant today, as Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong were in the sixties and seventies.

A world traveler at an early age as a military son, southern bred and immersed in gospel and Nashville songwriting traditions, now knee deep in the rich Motown, Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic legacy of his Motor City home — Nadir’s musical influences are expansive.

Nadir developed a strong following among activists and tastemakers throughout the US, Europe and Canada while touring in support of his releases, Distorted Soul 2.0, Workin’ for the Man, and The Book of Jonah.

Nadir’s music represents the evolution and celebration of an ancient blues credo, in that it tells stories from the heart, for the heart. It is a reflection of all that is funky and joyful. The soulful vocals wrap up the entire package for an unforgettable listening and live experience.

“It’s STONE COLD FUNK, It makes you DANCE, it ROCKS your world, It’s got GREAT LYRICS, It’s got POWERHOUSE SOUL SINGING, It’s got GREAT MUSICIANSHIP, It makes you THINK about the world and it makes you SMILE.”

Bob Davis

“Detroit-based singer/guitarist Nadir and his band have won great critical praise… The praise is well deserved, as this is absolutely infectious urban rock, calling to mind the better moments of artists from Ernie Isley to Lenny Kravitz.”

Chris Rizik

“Nadir is the bridge between Classic and Contemporary R&B….He is a crucial link in the chain of great Detroit soul men.”

Don Was
President, Blue Note Records, Grammy Winning Producer of The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt and more.

“If Motown had never moved to LA, this is what it would sound like today.”

Jane Asher
Radio Sophie 103.7FM San Diego

“The multifaceted music of Nadir Omowale is rooted in funk, but it always expands. It takes on the vibes of soul, R&B, rock, dance-pop and mashes it into a diverse blend that’s built on emotion: celebratory sing-alongs, cathartic, guitar-heavy head-bangers and poignant ballads bared with thought-provoking social commentary.”

Jeff Milo
Detroit Free Press

“This Southern-bred singer-songwriter and his stalwart band play with an aplomb that could raise the corpses of Marley and Hendrix. No $h!t… To label them simply neo-soul would be downright reductive.”

Metro Times
Detroit, Michigan

“To label Nadir as a neo-soul artist would be neglecting his rock roots; to call him a rock artist would be overlooking his hip hop and jazz influences. Fully encompassing all the talents that Nadir possesses would be comparable to expanding the mathematical term Pi to its final digit.” 

The Michigan Chronicle
Detroit, Michigan


“As usual your performances NEVER disappoint.
Sometimes I felt like I was seeing Sly and the Family Stone again. Great show!”

Terri Koggenhopp – Executive Director, Detroit Music Awards and
Director of Artist Relations, Detroit International Jazz Festival

Nadir Omowale’s Funkadelic meets Prince in a soul-kitchen sextet serves up heaping helpings of hot buttered funk and rock goodness for your entire earhole. This is that GOOD THANG your mama told you about…

(L-R: AleshaNicole (keyboards & vocals), Christopher Spooner (bass & vocals), Nadir Omowale (vocals & guitar), Lauren Johnson (seated, drums & vocals), Steve Caldwell (guitar & vocals), Simone Winter (vocals & dance)

Nadir Omowale (vocals & guitar), Lauren Johnson (drums & vocals) and Christopher Spooner (bass & vocals) are stretching out on some SERIOUS FUNK! Known for the time being as NADIR FUNK TRIO, these young’uns bring you heavy, jazzy, funk and roll grooves that keep the party up and keep the party moving.

Music Producer

Nadir Omowale has established a burgeoning career centered upon his limitless creative energy, fine technical knowledge and unique musical vision.

Nadir has recorded, mixed and produced an array of projects in a variety of musical genres.

When serving as a producer, Nadir’s goal is to help artists express and emote the most authentic feeling or the most authentic thought in the moment.

“In everything I do, there is a search for beauty, for truth, for balance and for love. I find that too often our selfie, sound byte, swipe left society is slipping further away from those essential elements of the good life. As a producer, my goal is to help each artist unearth more beauty, more truth, to discover more balance and love in whatever corner or chasm.”

Connect with Nadir to see how he can help you bring your musical vision to life.

Creative Strategist

As a Creative Strategist, Nadir contributes as project architect,
challenge solver and Jedi Master.

He helps recording artists, media companies, entrepreneurs and international brands advance their myriad projects by charting practical pathways and developing thoughtful solutions that accomplish the most critical creative and business objectives.

Nadir is also an experienced coach and mentor to songwriters and vocalists. Depending on the needs of the project, he can function as marketing coordinator, indie label administrator; media project manager, editor, copywriter, or consultant.

Ultimately, Nadir’s deep passion for storytelling in every medium, his dexterity within the creative process, and his diverse skill set all combine to bridge the gap between creative work, business action and brand direction.

Connect with Nadir to discuss how he can help you move your project forward.


Nadir-Omowale - Blue Lights
Nadir Omowale - 95 Miles Down The Road (feat. Mayaeni)
Nadir Omowale - Go it Alone
Don Was All- Star Revue featuring Nadir Omowale & Steffanie Christi'an - "Lookin' Back"
Nadir Omowale - Workin' For The Man (LIVE)
Nadir Omowale - Guantanamo
Nadir Omowale - Slave




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