The Right Kind of Crazy

Nadir presents a scathing, purple tinged, post-Hendrix funk rocker. “She might be out of her mind, but she’s The Right Kind Of Crazy”.

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by J. Nadir Omowale at EkoBase Media, Ferndale, Michigan 
Additional recording by Simone White at Sim-1 Music, Sydney, Australia

Simone White: drums
Steve Caldwell: lead & wah guitars
Nick Gingras: synths
Jeff Rebrovich: freaky samples and programming
Steffanie Christi’an: vocals
Nadir Omowale: bass, guitars, keys, programming, vocals

Published by Eclipse America Productions, Inc. (BMI)

Artwork by Mario Butterfield ( @riodata

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The Right Kind of Crazy

Band :
Title : The Right Kind of Crazy
Release Date : June 15, 2016
Format : Digital Download