From The Root:
“There were 13,459 stop-and-frisks reported in 2019, and that is 2,451 more than the 11,008 reported in 2018—or a jump of 22 percent.
“It is important to note that these are the number of incidents ‘reported’ and may not be an actual representation of how many times stop-and-frisk has actually happened, because as a means of trying to downplay the rise in numbers, the New York Daily News reports the NYPD “said the 2019 increase is ‘unlikely to be a true increase in stops, but rather more accurate and complete reporting’ — inferring that the lower stop numbers in previous years may be inaccurate.”
I’m sorry. I’ve never seen these numbers before… There were 365 days in last year. That means every day, roughly 37 mostly Black and brown people are stopped for pretty much NO REASON AT ALL except that they happen to be Black or brown, and they were frisked. Now remember, STOP AND FRISK WAS DEEMED UNCONSTITUTIONAL IN 2013. But still 37 people every day are subjected to this demeaning, unconstitutional act. And we’re concerned those numbers may be UNDERREPORTED!
THAT’S CRAZY!! Until you think of this…
“Still, the numbers are much lower than the 694,482 stop-and-frisks that were conducted in 2011, when use of the practice was at its peak, and still lower than the 191,851 stops that happened in 2013—the same year federal Judge Shira A. Scheindlin ruled that stop-and-frisk was unconstitutional, violated the Fourth Amendment rights of New Yorkers, and was racially discriminatory—a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourth Amendment.”
Now, I’m not a math wiz, but my calculator works… That means at the height of stop and frisk, an average of 1,903 people were stopped and frisked EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2011!! And this disproportionally happens in Black and brown neighborhoods.
Are you kidding me?? New York is a big city, but come on now. Nearly 2000 people every single day? And these numbers were most likely UNDER REPORTED!! Think about these numbers multiplied by the number of cities across the country who were and still practice stop and frisk? Is there any question why mass incarceration is such a problem?
Now, could you imagine what would happen if the police went into YOUR white neighborhood and stopped and frisked 37 people every single day? Can you see why Michael Bloomberg is backing away from this like it’s the coronavirus?
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