So many of us have very personal Bill Withers stories. Because she practically dared me, I sang “Use Me” to Akanke Rashad-Omowale at our wedding.

We also recorded this Bill Withers cover for the Jack Johnson Round One album in 1995. That’s Simone White on drums, Ethan Pilzer on bass, Paul Cochrane on guitar, and some dude named Kurtis McFarland on vocals and drum loops.

The album was mixed and co-produced by Rob Feaster and Kurtis at The Castle in Franklin, TN.
Corbin Dooley and Paul Brinberg were the heads of our record label, PC! Music Company. Bill Steber took the band photo.

You can check out the full album on Bandcamp: Name your own price if you want to download it. We will not be mad at you. You might hear some other songs you recognize.

Anyway… We will really miss Bill Withers. His music meant so much to so many of us.


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