One is the most important hub of the urban alternative music community in cyberspace. The other is the biggest soul music website on the planet. Both of them featured Nadir’s “Go It Alone” music video this week.
is the leading online resource dedicated to classic and modern soul music. Their “First Listen” feature presents the hottest new soul music to the international soul community. Here’s how they laid it out:

SoulTrackers who’ve been with us awhile know that we’re fans of Detroit funk, rock, soul and blues man, Nadir.  He’s always bringing us something real, and since it’s been a few years since we last heard new music from him, we were glad to hear he was working on a new album.

Click HERE to check out and their First Listen feature…

Nadir on the Afro-Punk Social NetworkAfter the release of 2003’s Afro-Punk, the seminal cult classic film spotlighting Black Punks in America, alternative urban kids across the nation (and across the globe) who felt like outsiders discovered they were actually the core of a boldly innovative, fast-growing community.

The online members of the social network the filmmakers created have been the driving force behind the exploding Afro-Punk (AP) culture, creating an authentic virtual home in, and nurturing the musics best and brightest.

Click HERE to check out Nadir’s video feature, and to visit the Afro-Punk community.

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