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Slick Willie is defending his wife’s pro-war vote by saying that she voted for “coercive inspections”, not that she wanted war.

What could that phrase possibly mean except, we’re going to hold you at gunpoint while we look for (nonexistant) weapons? Hogwash!

No matter what she thought she was voting for, she and other congressional Dems who voted “yes” to the Iraqi invasion are as culpable as the madmen who invaded because they enabled the war mongering maniacs.

And don’t be fooled. The Dems are beholden to the same corporate entities that have been advocating this war from the jump.

Who is running for president anyway? I don’t have a problem with a husband defending his wife, but if she is strong enough to be president, Hillary shouldn’t need her prospective First Husband to explain her position.

Should she?

Check out the article from The Hill linked HERE and above.