Common Breath is about the changing globe – art, human rights and people making a difference. Here’s their article about the Cosmic Slop festival held, Sept. 17 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. – Nadir

Detroit Rock City, a haven for the musically misbehaving, breaks all the rules and bounds of the unspirited masses, sending its groove through the instruments of the chosen Godchildren of soul.

The Cosmic Slop Festival, held on September 17 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was a celebration of the music of the city, bringing light and attention to the Afro-rock torch bearers of today. Rock, funk and soul music under the wide night sky for the universe to vibe with.

Organized by Detroit’s own Deekah Wyatt, the Cosmic Slop Festival’s biggest challenge was to remain within the city limits of Detroit, in the spirit of giving the music back to the city from which it came. In the face of so many hurdles from club venues and city officials, Wyatt was forced to compromise by having the festival at the Elks Lounge in Ann Arbor, a venue that welcomed the show with open arms.

“Partying and peace,” Wyatt states as the mission of the festival. “To party in peace, and to preserve the legacy of music that we have in this town. This is Motown, this is Rock City.”


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