Nadir's MTV Street Team '08 Profile

While the media’s attention is focused on Denver this week and the Democratic National Convention, I’m packing my bags and gearing up for next week.  I will be covering the Republican National Convention for MTV/Knight’s Street Team ’08.

That’s right.  MTV is sending me to St. Paul to hang out with my good friends John McCain, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and of course, GDub.  I will blog and Twitter all day every day, and I’ll submit video at the end of each night.  You will be able to catch my Twitter updates here at and on MTV’s  Look for video on my profile at

I’ll also keep a close eye on the protests that will occur throughout the Twin Cities, and I’ve got plans to slip over to Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic on Tuesday.

It should be an exciting week!  I’m looking forward to it!

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