Some artists defy classification. Detroit-based rock and soul insurgent Nadir rebels against it. So true to form, Nadir’s Distorted Soul Sound Pack for producers, beat makers and DJs, arms you with a stockpile of original rock, funk, jazz and soul kits, instruments and loops for your production arsenal.

Explore the making of the Distorted Soul Sound Pack, created by funk/rock/soul producer Nadir in collaboration with BKE Technology at legendary Submerge Studios Somewhere in Detroit.

We stuffed the Distorted Soul Sound Pack with tons of crunchy rock guitars, roaring B3 organ, percolating bass, stellar post-bop saxophone riffs, and loads of live drum fills and loops. Click below to download FREE kits and samples, and take advantage of nearly 40% pre-order savings!

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Distorted Soul Sound Pack boxThe Distorted Soul Sound Pack comes fully loaded with:

62 playable instruments (Guitars, Basses, Keys, Synths)
1,760 new samples
5 Construction Kits
Loads of loops and licks: (drums, basses, clean and dirty guitars and more)

To download your FREE kits and samples from the upcoming Distorted Soul Sound Pack, simply click below
Sample pack for Mac
Sample pack for Windows

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The full Distorted Soul Sound Pack will be released to the public on Tuesday August 28th! Take advantage of the limited time offer and get your copy NEXT FRIDAY (August 17th), nearly two (2) weeks earlier than everyone else!

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