I have nothing more to say about the war in Iraq that I haven’t said many times over the years. On the eve of the invasion I wrote a piece comparing the invasion to past imperial misadventures by the very powers who sought to divide and conquer the nation.

Now that the US occupation of Iraq is kind of, sort of, almost over, what is there to cheer about? Nothing. We shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

This BBC piece sums it up pretty well.

BBC: Assessing America’s ‘imperial adventure’ in Iraq

“This,” a leading American supporter of President George W Bush wrote in a British newspaper back in February 2003, just before the invasion of Iraq, “is our imperial moment”.

He went on to argue that the British had no right to criticise America for doing what they themselves had done so enthusiastically a century before.

But America’s imperial moment did not last long. And now, seven years later, the US is criticised for just about everything that happens here.

Opinion is evenly divided between those who are glad to see the Americans go, and those who criticise them for leaving too soon and potentially laying Iraq open to fresh sectarian violence.

It is a pattern that every occupying power becomes used to. America, it seems, cannot do anything right – not even getting out.

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