On Wednesday, October 15, 2008, Nadir was interviewed on The People Speak Radio with host David Swanson.  They talked about politics, Nadir’s MTV Street Team ’08 gig and the Workin’ For the Man album.

The People Speak Radio is concerned with a passion for guests from the realms of entertainment, the arts, literature, philosophy, politics, activism, healing, and environmentalism. All of the guests are united by a desire to share their experiences, work, organizations and talents with others.

During the interview Nadir answers the question, “Who are you voting for in the upcoming election and why (you may be surprised by the response)?”

Check out the 1 hour audio interview HERE:

The next day Nadir spoke to Mario and Gary on News From The Service Entrance on Chicago’s WHPK FM 88.5.  Listen to their 15 minute conversation HERE: Nadir on News From The Service Entrance