But the man say:
Ain’t nothin’ but the blues doin’ the talkin’, baby.
Conspiracy’s all up inside your mind.
But I find it don’t get better for my people.
It’s just a theory, but conspiracy
Keeps f^ck!n’ with me
all the time.

After many years maintaining a music website and a separate blog, I’ve decided to merge the political commentary from BluesTalkin.com into my music site at DistortedSoul.com.

When I first decided to build a website to publicize and distribute news about my musical endeavors, I knew there would have to be a section devoted to news and political commentary. Part of the function of art is to reflect the world around us. I wanted to have a place to share and discuss information that isn’t readily available in the mainstream media.

The idea for Blues Talkin’ has taken many forms over the years. First it was just me emailing found news items to my friends several times a day. Later there was an extensive forum with hundreds of posts with dozens of different categories. Finally, in 2005 I started the blog which I’ve updated regularly (more or less) ever since.

In addition to my musical projects, over the last three years I’ve been getting more work as a writer and journalist at publications like The Michigan Citizen, LastChocolateCity.com, Detroit Fashion Pages, and finally as a member of MTV’s Street Team ’08 covering election issues in Michigan. Most of those articles, reports and posts were also published at BluesTalkin.com along side my personal rants and raves about politics, culture and life.  Along the way, Blues Talkin’ was nominated for best political blog.

But it’s become too time consuming to maintain all these schizophrenic sides of my personality. Since – as my wife, Akanke says – all the songs I write are either about women or politics (What else is there to write about?), and the Blues Talkin section has always been one of the most popular portion of the Distorted Soul Newsletter, it only makes sense to merge the two sites.

In a few weeks, BluesTalkin.com will go away, but BluesTalkin will live on at DistortedSoul.com. The Blues Talkin’ archives have already been moved, so feel free to stroll down memory lane with us. There is some interesting stuff over there. The newly renovated DistortedSoul.com becomes a more well rounded site with music, news, video, politics, sports, women… whatever interesting items we find to share that day.

If you’re currently subscribing to the RSS feed at BluesTalkin.com, please click the headline animator below to subscribe to DistortedSoul.com. You can also CLICK HERE to receive DistortedSoul.com updates as an email message. We hope you’ll join us there.

Nadir - DistortedSoul.com

As always we welcome your comments and input, but you’ll have to register at DistortedSoul.com to comment. Registration is free, of course. Please let us know how you like these changes and what we can do to improve your total funk experience!

Thanks for hanging out with us!