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MusickHead Interview: Nadir Omowale

Detroit writer Dina Peace’s blog Musickhead is “for those special people who love to blow the dust off of forgotten. obscure or underground hits.” Check out our interview:

With the discerning eye of a journalist and the soul of a rock and roll musician, Detroit-based funk disciple Nadir Omowale has made a career of speaking his mind on what is affecting the world and its inhabitants that range from matters of the heart, economics and yes, politics.   Omowale, whose first name is Jonah, encounters a whale of an issue allegorical to the narrative of his famous Biblical namesake with his new musick video, “Guantanamo”.

Read the interview HERE

Blues Talkin Moves to

But the man say:
Ain’t nothin’ but the blues doin’ the talkin’, baby.
Conspiracy’s all up inside your mind.
But I find it don’t get better for my people.
It’s just a theory, but conspiracy
Keeps f^ck!n’ with me
all the time.

After many years maintaining a music website and a separate blog, I’ve decided to merge the political commentary from into my music site at Continue reading

© Nadir Omowale