We’ll see how all those anti-universal heath care conservatives feel when their employers eliminate health coverage.

From Huffington Post:

Budget proposals from leaders in both parties have urged shrinking or eliminating tax breaks that help make employer health insurance the leading source of coverage in the nation and a middle-class mainstay.

The idea isn’t to just raise revenue, economists say, but finally to turn Americans into frugal health care consumers by having them face the full costs of their medical decisions.

Such a re-engineering was rejected by Democrats only a few months ago, at the height of the health care overhaul debate. But Washington has changed, with Republicans back in power and widespread fears that the burden of government debt may drag down the economy.

The dreamers who believe employers would increase pay if relieved of the burden of health care costs are the same dreamers who believe that trickle-down economics has improved life for Americans over the past 30 years.

Yes, Virginia. We may have lost our best shot at universal coverage with the compromise on Obama’s already compromising public option. We may soon lose our health care coverage altogether if budget hawks have their way and tax credits are eliminated.

Read the article HERE Huffington Post: Job-Based Health Care Threatened

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