What former Tennessee Vol QB Heath Shuler (D-NC) and his fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives don’t realize is that they didn’t lose this last election big because they aren’t “moderate” enough. The Democrats simply didn’t get enough done for the American people in the last two years.

They championed Wall Street over Main Street, big insurance companies over patients, war over peace. They lost because they didn’t do enough to excite the Democratic base after their history-making victory in 2008. If anything, they should have been MORE liberal, MORE different from the GOP.

I agree that Pelosi should step aside, but not for a more moderate minority leader. She should step aside for a BETTER leader – someone who can GET THINGS DONE for the American people. And if his decision-making as a Washington Redskin and his failure to understand the will of the electorate are any indication, Heath Shuler isn’t that leader either.

Huffington Post: Heath Shuler: If Nancy Pelosi Runs I’ll Challenge Her, And Lose


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