Detroit-based musician/writer Nadir Omowale was recently appointed to Detroit’s newly established Entertainment Commission. The twelve member commission will serve as an advisory body, to attract and encourage cooperation and collaboration within local communities to ensure that City residents are aware of business opportunities created by entertainment, cultural, athletic, and special events that occur within and/or are hosted by the City of Detroit.

I am very honored to have an opportunity to serve the wonderful city of Detroit in this capacity.  I take this very seriously because as an artist and resident here, I understand the challenges that face our entertainment community, and the community as a whole.  The commission will be looking for ways that the city and region can improve opportunities in the entertainment industry in Detroit, and we hope to improve the business climate for entertainment in the city.

Commission chairman Gregory Reed talked about the commission recently in an interview with NPR.  I’d like to rephrase the title of Don Gonyea’s piece, however.  Instead of “Why Can’t Detroit Cash In On It’s Music Scene?“, I’m asking you:  HOW CAN DETROIT CASH IN ON ITS MUSIC SCENE?

And more broadly, with the state’s new tax incentives for filmmakers, Michigan has become a destination for the motion picture industry.  The city’s visual artists, poets, writers and sports teams receive great recognition outside the city.


  • What are some of the things that can be done to improve the entertainment industry in Detroit?
  • What are some things the city can do to help advance the entertainment industry in the city?
  • We have a lot of Detroit artists who do very well in other regions, and are well known especially overseas.  What can we do to improve economic conditions for entertainers in the city of Detroit?
  • How can we use Detroit’s amazing music scene to turn the city into a destination for tourism?
  • Let me know your thoughts to these and any other questions you would like to address.  I’ll take the best ideas to the Entertainment Commission on our next meeting.

Thanks for your input, and your work in helping make Detroit better and more prosperous!

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