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With the International Criminal Court’s unprecedented warrant for sitting Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, the stage is set for the indictment of George W. Bush for war crimes.  The Bush administration is unapologetic about their violations of US and international laws.   But according to the Associated Press:

The prospect of the court ever trying Bush is considered extremely remote, however.

The US Government does not recognise the court and the only other way Bush could be investigated is if the Security Council were to order it, something unlikely to happen with Washington a veto-wielding permanent member.  – AP

Senator Patrick Leahy has called for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission so we can learn exactly what happened during the eight years of Bush’s presidency.

I couldn’t agree more.  The president has admitted to spying on U.S. citizens, and torturing prisoners who are being held without charge.  If those are the crimes they will confess, can you imagine what they AREN’T telling us about?

But we witnessed much of the truth for ourselves.  Many of their worst dirty deeds were done in the open.  Bush, Cheney and their cronies looted both the U.S. and Iraqi Treasuries, right in front of our eyes, and nobody stopped them.

The barons of oil, war and finance are making off like bandits with OUR money.  Much of the over $602 billion dollars in Iraq war costs (as reported by  is going to Bush and Cheney business associates.  The promise that this would all be paid for by Iraqi oil revenues after we hijack their country is long forgotten. We were promised the Iraqis wouldn’t even fight us over their own oil and land.

Nadir, why you bringing up old ish?  Barack Obama tells us he wants to look forward.  We have more pressing problems before us now.

Yes.  The problems that Bush and Cheney have left us.  Our economy is in a shambles, and we’ve taken the rest of the world with us.

Our image in the world is so bad that the Sudanese people, whose president is accused of genocide himself, shout “Down, Down, USA” in English at a rally in support of their on leader.

I don’t argue with the justice of holding al-Bashir accountable.  He should have his day in court, and the people of Darfur should as well.  But how are al-Bashir’s crimes worthy of prosecution, while Bush’s are not?  Bush should be prosecuted for the crimes to which he has confessed, if for nothing else.  Doesn’t justice count for anything anymore?

Truth and reconciliation is a welcome step, but we know a lot of the truth.  We’re dealing with the consequences right now.  Shouldn’t we find out where at least SOME of the bodies are buried?

Please sign this online petition, urging Congress to consider establishing a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the Bush-Cheney Administration’s abuses.

Full Petition Text:

I hereby join Senator Patrick Leahy’s call for the establishment of a truth and reconciliation commission, to investigate the Bush-Cheney Administration’s constitutional abuses so we make sure they never happen again. These abuses may include the use of torture, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, and executive override of laws.

A truth and reconciliation commission should be tasked with seeking answers so that we can develop a shared understanding of the failures of the recent past. Rather than vengeance, we need a fair-minded pursuit of what actually happened. The best way to move forward is getting to the truth and finding out what happened – so we can make sure it does not happen again.

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