What an incredible event this was! The breadth and depth of talent in this state is unsurpassed! Those who attended heard an awesome array of Michigan music from Jackie Wilson to the White Stripes, from Stevie Wonder to J Dilla, from Mitch Ryder to Brainstorm, as well as a host of magnificent new compositions. Like the State Fair itself, this was a celebration of the best Michigan has to offer.

Jill Jack & Nadir sing "Cross The Line of Love" a forthcoming single they cowrote.
Jill Jack & Nadir sing “Cross The Line of Love” a forthcoming single they cowrote.

A HUGE thanks to Saint Cecilia, our All-Star band of superheroes: Brett Lucas, James Simonson, Chris Codish, and Todd Glass. And to the amazing artists who performed and collaborated and showed out! Thornetta Davis, Jill Jack, Brandon Calhoon, Yorg Kerasiotis, Tosha Owens, Steffanie Christi’an, Caleb Gutierrez, Carly Bins, Sean Blackman, Alison Albrecht and the incomparable Dezi Magby (aka DJ Psycho) who dug DEEP into some Michigan apple crates to pull out two classic sets of all Michigan magic.


Alison Albrect and Nadir Omowale at Michigan Mega Jam
Check out the Detroit Free Press Michigan Mega Jam Photo Gallery

Thanks also to the fantastic Michigan State Fair entertainment committee Dr. Michael Balon, Elisa Fixler, Cal Stone, Whitney McClellan-Stone, Nancy Schoenheide Phares and Fair Director Steve Masters. Tremendous gratitude also to our sponsor, the Metro Times and to the Michigan State Fair itself for offering us the platform to showcase this most beloved of the Great Lake State’s many commodities: Michigan Music!!

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