The Paris Hilton saga is only news because the famous, privileged rich kid got off when so many people arrested for similar violations would be rotting in jail for much longer than 45 days, and certainly wouldn’t be released after serving only a few hours because they were crying to mommy.

But the real story of this Hilton soap opera may be WHY she was let go in the first place.

According to this report on (from Agence France-Presse), Hilton’s billionaire grandfather donated to Sheriff Lee Baca’s re-election campaign. Was Paris’ release the payback?

And it turns out Lee Baca has been accused of favoritism toward Hollywood’s rich and famous before.

He was the officer who failed to report actor Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade after the star was arrested for drink-driving.Gibson had filmed television advertisements for one of Sheriff Baca’s pet causes – an education fund for policemen’s children.

Celebrities including Sylvester Stallone and Dustin Hoffman have also backed Mr Baca’s election campaigns since 1998.

With all of the coverage this case has received, will the mainstream media pick up this story or will they protect the sheriff, the rich kid, her grandparents and themselves? Why was Paris Hilton Released?


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