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Led Zeppelin

Whose Hologram Would You Pay To See In Concert?

After the overwhelming (surprised? horrified?) response to the appearance of Tupac Shakur’s hologram during Snoop Dogg’s Coachella set, promoters are now talking about a Tupac hologram tour. Of course they are.
Virtual TupacWould you pay to see an entire concert performed by a computer-generated hologram of Tupac? If not, what artist would you pay $50 to see perform as a hologram? Michael Jackson? Whitney Houston? A resurrected Sublime? A reunited Led Zeppelin?

As much as I regret never seeing Miles Davis live, I’m not going to pay $75 to watch M Dewey’s hologram turn its back to me on stage, but I’d have to think about those Jimi Hendrix hologram tickets, especially if they could make him burn a real Fender Strat on stage.

Whose hologram would you pay to see?

© Nadir Omowale