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Nadir’s Electric Lounge

Metro Times: Nadir Omowale to perform free concert in Troy on Friday

Originally Published in the Metro Times

Two of the hottest names in modern media technology – Antelope Audio and GoPro personal video cameras – will join forces to offer a peek at the future of live music Friday night (Nov. 21) at a free concert in Troy.

“Nadir’s Electric Lounge: A Multimedia Funk Experience,” a Detroit R&B extravaganza starring bass guitar virtuoso, producer and 13-time Detroit Music Award winner Nadir Omowale, rolls out at 8 p.m. at NextWave Media Lab, 950 Stephenson Highway.

Nadir_wecare_crop_LindsayKing430 In addition to Nadir’s eight-piece ensemble, the show will feature guest appearances by emerging rocker Steffanie Christi’an and soul exciter Michael Turner. The Detroit rock emcee Volcano will host, and DJ Ray 7 of Underground Resistance will fill in the sonic gaps. Nadir and his band were invited to be the subjects of this showcase after executives at Antelope Audio were introduced to his high-energy performing style. Continue reading

Big & Bigger on CaveRadio with Nadir, Volcano, Chris Spooner, and DJ Ray 7

Friday, November 14 was a night full of surprises as Nadir, Christopher Spooner, DJ Ray 7, and Volcano visited the CaveRadio studios and appeared on the show Big and Bigger.

The fellas talked about Nadir’s Electric Lounge, discussed their favorite war movies, and played a few funky tunes including an unexpected and highly unorthodox rap battle between Volcano and some random dude from the bar next door. Hilarity ensues…


Or check out a clip of the guys’ performance below.

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