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The Oral History of Prince’s Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show

“And the LORD, opened up the clouds and a mighty storm burst forth from Heaven during “Purple Rain”. And THE LORD GOD, JEHOVAH/ALLAH/YAHWEH/JAH exclaimed: “THIS is my FAVORITE ARTIST, and y’all are about to see A SHOW!!”

This is a fun behind the scenes account of the legendary event. Also fantastic footage of Prince’s Press Conference performance.

From The Ringer:

“It was the most scared I was in my life,” says executive producer Charles Coplin, then the NFL’s head of programming. “And I’m sure I wasn’t alone.”

The man scheduled to perform was nervous, too. Yes, even Prince saw the potential for disaster. “People are like, ‘He gets nervous?’” says his musical director and keyboardist, Morris Hayes. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s not nervous for himself. He’s nervous for us.’ He’s trying to make sure that we’re in the right places at the right parts. What’s gonna happen when it starts raining and the floor’s slick?”


Are Albums Still Relevant?

I’m currently in the studio working on songs for two new albums. I’m writing and recording my own record with my band and several collaborators, while I’m also executive producing a debut album by Nashville-based emcee, poet, singer Iayaalis.

It seems natural to me to work on an album at a time, but when I see publications like Fast Company ask “Should Albums Cost $1.50?” I have to pause.

We live in a sound byte driven, instant gratification seeking society where grabbing a listener’s attention for 3 minutes can be difficult. So asking audiences for an hour to listen to recorded music almost seems like an imposition. In a world of iPods and YouTube, are albums still relevant?

When we look at sales charts like the one Tom Silverman of Tommy Boy Records presented at the New Music Seminar, we have to ask that question again.

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