Despite the fact that the entire world wants the Bush regime out of office, the Democratic Party balks at the prospect of impeachment.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco has told her caucus that the idea of impeaching President Bush isn’t in the cards if the party takes over the House in November’s elections.

Pelosi, who Republicans have charged intends to lead an impeachment effort, dismissed the idea when she spoke Wednesday morning at a closed-door caucus of the House’s 201 Democrats. Pelosi also restated her opposition to the idea of censuring Bush over his decision to invade Iraq in March 2003.

Pelosi, who is likely to become the first female House speaker if the Democrats win in November, has been forced to strike a delicate balance between her party’s left, where the idea of impeaching Bush has found a positive reception, and “moderates” who say raising the issue would repel voters in the swing districts that Democrats must win to regain the House majority they lost in 1994.

But think about this note from David Swanson at

“While 90% of Democrats and 81% of Independents disapprove of Bush in the latest Harris poll, only 67% of Republicans approve of him. Every poll done on impeachment ( ) shows very strong support among Democrats and weak opposition among Republicans. Moreover, an off-year election is won by inspiring your side to turn out in higher numbers, and nothing inspires anti-Republican voters like impeachment.”

Only a fringe minority of corporate leaders, elites and whackos still support the Bush regime. By taking impeachment off the table instead of making it the focal point of midterm elections, the Democrats are shooting themselves, the rest of America and yes, the rest of the world in or collective right foot. Their anemic campaign in 2004 (in addition to superior Republican strategies and electoral fraud in several states) led to a second Bush term. Failure to capture the imagination of the American people during the 2006 elections could doom us to another six years or more of Republican/NeoCon control.

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