This 40-minute video clip is a no holds barred attack on the spineless Democratic Party leadership that voices the reasons many of us feel the Dems are hopeless. It’s good stuff.
Take the time to check it out. – Nadir

From the Huffington Post:

Wesley Clark, Jr. Goes After The Democratic Party Establishment
Cenk Uygur

Wesley Clark, Jr. was an integral part of his dad’s presidential campaign in 2004, and in his appearance on The Young Turks today unloaded on the entire Democratic Party establishment.

He names names, calls out specific Democratic consultants that worked on the Wesley Clark campaign and goes after the party leadership.

His criticism of the Democrats is only matched by his blistering attack against the Republican Party. His story on how John McCain acts in private is devastating.

He also goes after Bob Shrum, Joe Lieberman, James Carville and even some bloggers on Daily Kos. No one is spared, including me at the end. If you’re faint of heart, don’t watch this clip. And I’m also warning you ahead of time, if you are offended by foul language – do not watch this.

But if you want to see someone who pulls absolutely no punches and speaks with no fear, check out Wes Clark in this video clip:

Wes Clark Jr. on The Young Turks


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