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Nadir Earns 3rd Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Urban/Funk Songwriter

For the third year in a row the Detroit music community voted Nadir the Outstanding Urban/Funk Songwriter at the 16th Annual Detroit Music Awards for his 5th DMA trophy total!

Thanks to all of YOU for the love, support and work you gave to make it possible! Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at this year’s DMAs.

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In the summer of 2006, NADIR was interviewed by UK songwriting coach Calvin Rele for his website Songwriting Tips Online. Their conversation is now available as a four hour audio master class that you can download HERE.

Calvin and NADIR share their tips, tricks and techniques for great songwriting. What you are about to discover will seriously turbo-charge your creativity and get those songwriting juices flowing and more importantly, you’ll be able to fill in ALL the blanks and start writing song after song, with complete ease.

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Blame the Corporate Media

Less than one week after Don Imus was fired, only days after Oprah’s round table with hip hop, and days after a gunman killed 33 people in Virginia, nothing has changed in the world.

I was listening to commercial radio in Detroit for the first time in months. I’m giving a songwriting workshop at a high school next week, and I wanted to hear what the kids are listening to so I don’t seem “out of touch”.

I heard the word “ho” bleeped or edited out more than I heard any real lyrics or original ideas. Let’s not even talk about how bad the songs are as “songs”. Let’s just talk about the language and the subject matter. It’s ridiculous.

But alas, I know that this is the state of the music industry. As an independent artist, I can’t get a song on commercial radio without literally paying THOUSANDS of dollars, but these knuckleheads with NO real lyrical content and NO real musical content get played over and over in Clear Channel’s 14 song playlist.

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