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Fury Over Racist History of Democrats Video

DISCLAIMER: Some of my friends reported this video to Facebook. Apparently, American history is violent and graphic, but most of all, politically divisive. In other words, this is the United States, and this is history. The accuracy of the words has not been questioned.

WHITE FOLKS: If you view this video, you should be prepared to be all up in your feelings with FEAR and FRAGILITY about how a TRUE depiction of the Democratic Party’s racist past will affect everyone EXCEPT you and other white folks. You may find yourself caught up in the current neo-McCarthyist Russian scare mongering where you believe that any negative information about the United States is the work of former KGB agents bent on destroying YOUR country.

PEOPLE OF COLOR: If you view this video, you will be reminded that the current White House occupant is NOT the first racist president of the United States. In fact, you will be reminded that at times past, the Democratic Party may have been far worse.

While SOME people FEAR this may reinforce any desire you have to stay home and not participate in US electoral politics, you may find that it is MORE likely to inspire you to get out and VOTE for the record number of people of color and women running in primaries and in the mid-term elections this season. This video may very well remind you that you have a chance RIGHT NOW to begin changing the complexion of the Democratic Party FOREVER.

EVERYONE REMEMBER: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. FEAR NOT the violent, racist history of the United States. MARCH BOLDLY FORWARD determined NOT to maintain the status quo and the tacit acceptance of white supremacy.

WE determine from here forward what type of nation we will be. Will you sit back and let the US remain weak and divided, lashing out like a bully whose only strength is superior firepower? Or will you DO THE WORK to make TRUE those shiny words in the parchment of this nation’s founding documents, that ALL HUMAN BEINGS are created equal; that hence we should ALL be afforded the SAME rights regardless of skin color or zip code or where and how your ancestors arrived on these shores?

This video is our collective history. We cannot change it. But THE FUTURE is entirely in our hands. Will you walk forward with knowledge, or continue to blindly follow the echoes of the past? The choice is yours.


© Nadir Omowale