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Funk Gumbo Radio Video of the Day: Nadir – “95 Miles Down The Road” feat. Mayaeni

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The good folks at Funk Gumbo named Nadir & Mayaeni’s95 Miles Down The Road” as their Video of the Day on Sept. 21, 2012.

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Nadir - 95 Miles Down The Road (feat. Mayaeni) 7-inch single cover

“95 Miles Down The Road”: The Sonic Soul Review in Deutsch

SonicSoulReviews.comJörg Michael Schmit of is always in the forefront when introducing the best new soul and jazz music to Germany and the rest of Europe. Here’s what he had to say about “95 Miles Down The Road“, the blistering single by Nadir and Mayaeni:

Der Mann für den kräftigen Ton. Wieder da. Und er hat eine Frau an seine Saite gestellt. Die nennt sich Mayaeni und versteht sich ebenfalls mittels einer rauen Gitarre in Szene zu setzen. Jenseits jedweder Marketing-Strategie pustet das dynamische Duo allzu wohltönende Schwarz-Musikanten aus den Abspielgeräten und schafft Platz für schwerblütigen Rock´n´Soul. “95 Miles Down The Road” ist eine erste Ansage aus dem neuen Nadir Album “The Book Of Jonah”. Übrigens, ich mag´das so, wie es ist.

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Songs From Studio East: With Detroit-based musician Nadir

Nadir_on Michigan Radio Credit Logan Chadde / Michigan RadioBy and Jennifer White
Originally Published at

The Book of Jonah is the new album from Nadir Omowale.  It’s a blend of soul music, rock, funk and blues. While there are songs about love and relationships, themes of social and political consciousness carry through the album.

“I never felt like I had to fashion myself into one particular style. I grew up on Prince and The Time and Cameo and all that good stuff, and so funk is all deep within my soul. And I grew up in a small town in east Tennessee, so there were country music influences, there was a lot of Van Halen and rock and roll and so I love all of that music,” Nadir told Michigan Radio’s Jennifer White.

CLICK HERE to LISTEN to the full interview, and to hear more about Nadir’s newest album The Book of Jonah, including the song he wrote with guitarist and singer Mayaeni, titled 95 Miles Down the Road.

And click on the video below to see Nadir performing in our studio:

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