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“95 Miles Down The Road”: The Sonic Soul Review in Deutsch

SonicSoulReviews.comJörg Michael Schmit of is always in the forefront when introducing the best new soul and jazz music to Germany and the rest of Europe. Here’s what he had to say about “95 Miles Down The Road“, the blistering single by Nadir and Mayaeni:

Der Mann für den kräftigen Ton. Wieder da. Und er hat eine Frau an seine Saite gestellt. Die nennt sich Mayaeni und versteht sich ebenfalls mittels einer rauen Gitarre in Szene zu setzen. Jenseits jedweder Marketing-Strategie pustet das dynamische Duo allzu wohltönende Schwarz-Musikanten aus den Abspielgeräten und schafft Platz für schwerblütigen Rock´n´Soul. “95 Miles Down The Road” ist eine erste Ansage aus dem neuen Nadir Album “The Book Of Jonah”. Übrigens, ich mag´das so, wie es ist.

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“Molotov Soul”: The Sonic Soul Review of Workin’ For The Man

Nadir’s Workin’ For The Man cd received another great review, this one from Germany’s  On the site’s Sonic Soul section, Joerg Michael Schmitt offers his perspective on the latest new music from around the world.

If you Sprekense de deutsch you can read the original review HERE.  For you English speakers, here is the translation, courtesy of my big brother, James Kevin McFarland (aka The Big Black Guy).  And don’t worry.  Joerg confirms that my brother, the poet, didn’t take poetic license with the text.

Distorted, meaning: bent, twisted, deformed, or unusual. Aha! Now it has been made clear that Nadir’s “Working for the Man”, is not simply classified as Nu soul, or R&B, but that he has forged his own way into the Universe of Soul.

The man takes strong elements from the styles of the past, including the energy of James Brown which lends a rhythmic basis to Nadir’s distinct guitar sound. And of that sound, the artist sees himself as a commentator of political events and holds strong opinions he openly shares on a diverse profusion of issues not only in the U.S. today, but the world.

Funk & Rock and political awareness make an explosive mixture because Nadir and his smooth energetic music are on point with his driving beats, hard hitting guitar and radical opinions. Nadir, in the tradition of Gil Scott Heron with the power of James Brown and the explosive force of Public Enemy equals Molotov Soul. Not easy, but easy to move to as Nadir himself explains it “I’m about telling stories, singing songs, and making music that moves people spiritually, emotionally, physically, politically, what ever. Don’t just sit there, do not sit there, do something! Do Something!”

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