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Nadir Omowale

Better Late Than Never! Joe Jaber CD Release Party, Oct 17, The Park Bar in Detroit

It has been some months since the debut of Joe Jaber’s highly anticipated second recording and it’s accompanying video, both entitled “Keys to the House”, and the key to the perfect place and time to showcase and celebrate the projects had seemed frustratingly elusive….until the arrival and advice of friend, fan, seasoned performer and benefactor Ty Stone… ”Just do it,” said Stone, “Throw the damn party….Better late, than never!”

Joe Jaber CD Release Party

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1st Annual Michigan Mega Jam at the Michigan State Fair

So much talent!! It was an honor and a privilege to work with the best of the best for the First Annual Fifth Third Bank Michigan State Fair Michigan Mega Jam on Labor Day, September 7, 2015. This amazing assemblage of performers gave it their all to demonstrate the high quality of musical talent that we have in this state. Strong performances of original material and favorites by Michigan artists and songwriters from many genres emphasized the strength of our musical heritage and its musical present and future. I’m so proud! Thanks to everyone who participated and attended!

Megajam_group 900

Performers at the 1st Annual Fifth Third Bank Michigan State Fair Michigan Mega Jam!

 — (left to right) Thornetta Davis-Anderson, Caleb Gutierrez, Jill JackDezi Magby (aka DJ Psycho of the Detroit Techno Militia), Steffanie Christi’an, Brandon Calhoon,Alison Albrecht, Yorg Kerasiotis, Brett Lucas, Nadir Omowale, Chris Codish, James Simonson, Sean BlackmanTosha Owens and Todd Glass.


Free Download – MI State Fair Superstar Alison Albrecht’s Debut Single “Midnight”

This from the Fifth Third Bank Michigan State Fair:

The State Fair community truly could not be more proud of the debut recording from 2014 State Fair Superstar Contest Grand Prize winner Alison Albrecht! Huge thanks to producers Chuck Alkazian and Nadir Omowale for crafting this absolute gem of a record–for a limited time, you can download Alison’s first single “Midnight” for FREE at —-and we are accepting applications for the 2015 State Fair Superstar Contest NOW at

At the young age of 15, Alison is already a tremendous talent, with monster pipes, stellar songwriting chops, and a beautiful, mature spirit!It was really a joy working on this project with her, and with renowned producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian.

We’re excited to watch Alison’s growth and development as an artist and as a young woman.

Learn more about her at

VIDEO: Phredley Brown on Fox 2 Detroit

Detroit’s own Phredley Brown, also known as Bruno Mars’ musical director, performed his newest solo material on Fox 2 Detroit in advance of his show-stopping set at the 24th Annual Detroit Music Awards. Phred is feverishly cranking out tunes for his solo project while he has some time off from his hectic touring schedule. The Los Angeles resident returned home to see how Detroit’s brutally honest crowds reacted to his new music, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. What do you think?

Yep. That’s me on bass with Kali Douglas on drums and Onnie Medina on vocals.
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Big & Bigger on CaveRadio with Nadir, Volcano, Chris Spooner, and DJ Ray 7

Friday, November 14 was a night full of surprises as Nadir, Christopher Spooner, DJ Ray 7, and Volcano visited the CaveRadio studios and appeared on the show Big and Bigger.

The fellas talked about Nadir’s Electric Lounge, discussed their favorite war movies, and played a few funky tunes including an unexpected and highly unorthodox rap battle between Volcano and some random dude from the bar next door. Hilarity ensues…


Or check out a clip of the guys’ performance below.

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Nadir Omowale: ‘Detroit Can Teach The World How To Succeed As An Independent Artist’



It’s difficult to pigeonhole Detroit musician and producer Nadir Omowale into a specific genre. Jazz, funk, soul, rock and many other genres influence in his music. Out of that eclectic mix, Nadir has successfully crafted full-time career in the industry.

You’re originally from Elizabethton, Tennessee, went to Nashville for college and moved to Detroit in 1999. How has it been different living and working in the Detroit scene?

I was in Nashville playing my original music, which is funk-rock-soul based. Unfortunately at that particular time, it was really difficult to gain any traction in Nashville with that kind of music. I happened to meet a young lady who worked at the Nashville Ford plant. We took a liking to each other and she became my wife, Akanke. Before we made that decision she said, “You know, at some point I’m going to have to move to Detroit,” and I said, “Well I can make music in Detroit.” Moving here actually has turned out to be fantastic for my music career. I was raised on that Detroit sound, and it really was an opportunity to come home musically. As people in Detroit heard me play, they really embraced me and my music.

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LIVE RADIO PERFORMANCE: Nadir Live on WDET for Ann Delisi’s Essential Music, June 2013

In early June, Nadir and the band converged on the legendary Studio A at WDET radio in Detroit for a live recording and interview on Ann Delisi’s Essential Music. The band fired off smoking versions of “Daddy’s Cane” (from Nadir’s award-winning debut Distorted Soul 2.0) and “Go It Alone” (from 2012’s critically acclaimed disc The Book of Jonah). Click the player below to hear, share or download the performance and interview.

Nadir – vocals, guitar, interviewee
Tasha Lord – vocals
Steve Caldwell – guitar, vocals
Christopher Spooner – bass, vocals
Jeff Rebrovich – keyboards
Raphael Merriweathers, Jr. – percussion, vocals
Jason Bonaquist – drums

Ann Delisi – host
Alex Trajano – engineer
Nicole Fritz – 2nd engineer, editor

Detroit Free Press: Nadir sees life looking up

Nadir at Church_photo by Marc NaderRachel May: Nadir sees life looking up
Originally published October 4, 2012 in
The Detroit Free Press

His music is a harmonious blend of R&B, funk, jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul. On his latest album, “The Book of Jonah,” Nadir reveals a fantastic collection of songs with a positive message about everyday life.

” ‘Belly of the Whale‘ really sums up the record,” says Nadir. “It gives us the message that it may feel like the end of the world but it’s not. It’s just another day in the belly of the whale.”

“The Book of Jonah” is Nadir’s third full-length solo CD, and he’ll celebrate its release with a performance Friday at PJ’s Lager House.

“A lot of the songs are really inspired by some of the things we’ve been going through here in Detroit and Michigan,” says Nadir, whose full name is Jonah Nadir Omowale.

“It’s not as overtly political as my 2008 record when I was mad at George Bush and angry all the time. This one is a little more hopeful, and even with all of the turmoil that we and the rest of the nation — and the rest of the world, really — have been going through, I see a lot of positive signs and a lot of positive things happening.”

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