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Voices of Vision: Live An Inspired Life with Nadir Omowale

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Voices of Vision is a weekly radio show with radio and voice over personality, Jane Asher. She is motivated and inspired daily by discovering the deepest passion in others. So, what exactly is it that excites, motivates and empowers individuals to explore and achieve their full potential? To find answers, Jane searches through her vast network of connections, and each week she interviews thought provoking influencers, change agents, positive authors, non-profits with a mission of bettering humanity and the humble hero next door who elevates one person at a time. She is curious by nature and a natural bliss broker. Jane loves people and thrives on the opportunity to give a voice to their vision.

In this episode, Jane gets up close and personal with her friend Nadir Omowale. Nadir is an Artist, Musician, Producer, Writer and Creative Strategist. When he’s not working on a creative project he is working with his most inspired life’s calling,  being present with his four-year-old twins Maya and Miles. From chasing fire flies in the backyard to feeding their curiosity about life, this creative soul is busy with his beautiful wife, Akanke and their two children living in the now. This show also features Nadir’s latest single Blue Lights. Join Jane and Nadir as they talk about the big picture, play some music and have a few laughs on Voices of Vision.

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Exclusive Interview: Nadir Featured on

TheDetroiter.comSince its founding in 2002, has covered thousands of happenings and artists, and continues to be one of Detroit’s favorite sources for art and culture.

In this exclusive interview by Chariti Joi Ntuk, Nadir talks about his forthcoming album The Book of Jonah, about why Detroit is the world’s number one music city, and about why organizing artists is like herding cats.

Nadir Omowale: Diary of a Distorted Soul

Somewhere in Detroit sits an anonymous building on a nondescript block. Throughout any given day, a steady stream of conspicuously awesome people carrying guitars, keyboards, etc. flow in and out of this seemingly forgettable building on a seemingly forgotten block of a city whose demise some people seem to think is a foregone conclusion.

If music is indeed the soundtrack to life, then Detroit and more specifically, this building, is very much alive thanks to its long list of strong-winded musicians who blow life into it daily. One of the musicians you can find in this building, and who is most responsible for the city’s current musical pulse is none other than 11-time Detroit Music Award winner, Nadir Omowale.

Read the full article HERE

Nadir Featured on Good Life Radio Mon. Dec. 6

UPDATE: I’m not on until the 10pm hour. Sorry for any inconvenience.

TONITE! Nadir is the featured artist on Good Life Radio with K-Lew, Slim and Fal J at 9pm EST on WHPR 88.1FM in Detroit and live online at (Windows Media Player).

We’ll watch Nadir music videos, listen to music, perhaps check out some documentaries about Nadir and take your calls. Join the conversation at 313-868-0331 or 313-868-8688.

Wake Up America: Nadir Interview Performance on

Wake Up America host Kurt Wallace and I had so much fun on his Dec. 8 show that we did it again on Monday, December 15 – this time with video!  I hung out for Kurt’s entire two-hour show.  We discussed politics, the economy, bailouts and music, and I performed live.  The party began at 9am, on TV Channel 1.

View the show On Demand at BlogTalkRadio:

You can listen to our previous 30 minute phone interview HERE.

Nadir Radio Interviews, Chicago & Online

In between mixing Maceo Tha Grammar God’s new record and producing a new video for MTV’s Street Team ’08, I’ll be busy promoting the Workin’ For The Man album this week.  Check out my upcoming radio interviews:

Wednesday, October 15, 8:00pm – 9:00pm EST
The People Speak Radio
Host: David Swanson
JOIN THE CONVERSATION in the Virtual Auditorium chat room

The People Speak Radio is concerned with a passion for guests from the realms of entertainment, the arts, literature, philosophy, politics, activism, healing, and environmentalism. All of the guests are united by a desire to share their experiences, work, organizations and talents with others. Through a live, hour-long format featuring host/guest interviews and a segment of audience questions for the guest, the goal is to entertain, involve, inform, perhaps, even inspire.

Thursday, October 16, 2:30pm CST
News From The Service Entrance
WHPK 88.5FM – Chicago

Host: Mario

The word on the street hits the airwaves: News from the frontline, music from the WHPK library, and interviews with the famous and infamous, nationally known celebrities and local legends. It’s radio that you will not hear anywhere else.

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