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“To label Nadir as a neo-soul artist would be neglecting his rock roots; to call him a rock artist would be overlooking his hip-hop and jazz influences. Fully encompassing all the talents that Nadir possesses would be comparable to expanding the mathematical term Pi to its last digit.” – The Michigan Chronicle, Detroit, … [Read More...]



Nadir has recorded, mixed and produced an array of projects in a variety of musical genres, including traditional jazz recordings for spoken word legend jessica Care moore, techno and EDM mixes for Underground Resistance, alt-country rock for Joe Jaber and the Last Divide, hard rock for Steffanie Christi'an, and hip hop sound … [Read More...]


Creative Strategist/Consultant

As a creative strategist, Nadir contributes as project architect, challenge solver and Jedi Master. He helps recording artists, media companies, entrepreneurs and brands advance their myriad projects by charting practical pathways and developing thoughtful solutions that accomplish the most critical creative and business … [Read More...]